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Cake Decorating


Creation and Imagination is everything and I would love to create something special for you or someone that you care about. I love to bake little things all the way to big creations.

I love what I do and I am tying my very best at what I do. Just keep in mind that I am not perfect, however I am getting there very fast.

I learn as I go day in and day out.

Just give me a chance to show you what i can do and you won't be sorry not one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you are contacting me abut  an order to be filled just make sure that all the information is included in your message, explaining what it is that you want done, colors, pictures of what you want or what it is suppose to look like if you have it, what you want it to say, and when it is suppose to be done.

Seeing what I can create with my own 2 hands is great fun as well as giving me great pleasure in doing it for someone. Nevertheless, it makes me extremely happy and joyful to see the outcome of what I have created, as well as seeing the expressions on the person's face that receives the cake.