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Reply jfrurjfp
4:10 AM on March 19, 2013 
"Confidence of teammate of negative people's expectations of lintel rice " as before: Do not believe always hit doorpost
Song of reporter golden hill (small gain) team of support of the people of Guiyang report Guizhou is defeated to go up in luck, but if be expressed the Miximoweiji of great expectations to be able to be developed,give normal level, person and team although luck is again poor, also should can be in advocate take lines of next Bai Taiyang look. The team of Guizhou support of the people of Gao Hongbo times, use deformation having a place via regular meeting " 3 tall " tactics, this kind sacrificed technical football and the tactics that view and admire a gender, be in however in exceed competition ground time and again be successful, have to say the phenomenon that is an acid sex. Guizhou person and high level hope team can have in 2013 sports season very much very big change. Accordingly, abandan 3 tall tactics to pull law and Jiubiji mediumly, and expenses is tremendous endowment introduce Xi Mowei of Wangmi of De Jia secondary attack is strange in former days, it is the person changes with high-level do one's best efforts. This train of thought is satisfy the need undoubtedly, but with respect to this match character, miximoweiji's play is quite general. Beyond question, miximoweiji's player is experienced, enough proves he is the star of a world-class, having exceed strong actual strength. And, he hits the free kick of buy of lintel photograph parity in the bipod of the second half of this match, direct also test and verify his ability. Fan of a few Japan after contest judges exposition and argumentation even, they think this match " Japanese group performance is best is lintel gentleman " . But, the hope of team of Guizhou support of the people to Miximoweiji, not be to be on free kick merely, "He is constituent core, it is the organizer All White Nike Shox that team attacks. " a team member evaluates Miximoweiji so. Dozen of law that Guizhou person mixes previously, be after begin to grow before passing strong condole to the door, by foreign aids of 3 tall men Musilimoweiji, pull law and Jiubiji wait for one's chance pounds goal of the other side with head. Guizhou support of the people has taller tactics to ask now, use namely layer upon layer the ground that go forward one by one cooperates, lay person of sell one's own things the technical football of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Guizhou support of the people is in this match, some period of time also accomplished this really, but this kind of field before was being delivered, often can be defended divine line intercepts close Bai Taiyang, miximoweiji is grabbing a ball, accuse to take pass this link, reveal without body in former days the elegant demeanour of king of heart armour secondary attack, often be to carry a body on the back not to grab a ball, perhaps grab a ball by close-fitting force the Japanese player that grab is broken ball or, his body position is clear not beautiful, cannot send deadly clever pass. After although come to team,Mi Ximo dimension surprises, training tries hard very actively, and already thin near 10 jins, but appear in inferior he on coronal competition ground, body form still appears some overstaffed, technical movement is a little awakward also, he can not rise to attack the action that defends a key position, cause center Musilimoweiji is attendant the field in going up to often want to be returned controls a ball, make person and team magical to Bai Taiyang thereby the minatory strength of team gate is greatly abate. Lei of episcopal experienced palace (small gain) say when the performance that Miximoweiji is evaluating after contest: "His body has not restored completely, after coming in the team, just finished the 1/3 training of team, his physical ability needs to rise again. Nevertheless, his technical consciousness is first-rate, if his body condition restored, he can be behaved very outstandingly. " nevertheless, miximoweiji is a special precisian, he trains mediumly in the team now meticulous, "My estimation is hit again 2, 3 matches, his condition can come out. So say, physical ability plays a two field balls, was no problem. And, his free kick kongfu too absolutely, can I am not believed always still be dozen of doorpost? " a teammate says so. Text already ended, you can have a comment by Alt+4
Reply tiffany harrill
12:17 AM on September 5, 2010 
Please sign to let me and everybody know that you were here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!